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Moongate History

Moongate is based on a romantic notion. Complete with a lovers' seat, dovecote and of course the lunar-shaped stone creation which gives the house its name, the architect has spared no expense in constructing a fairy tale castle, an eighth of which was originally a 300 year old cottage. The property is strongly characterised by split level fish scale slate roofs, tall stone chimneys, ornate balustrades and architraves, exposed stone and intricate woodwork. Using indigenous stone, timbers and slate and meticulous attention to detail, the main building underwent an amazing transformation and was further expanded over a period of four years. Despite much reconstruction and additions, local traditional stonemasons' skills ensured that the same techniques used in the building of the original structure were employed, thus giving the impression that the entirety of the property was given life centuries ago. Moreover, the varying levels of the roofs echo the rambling countryside. In short, all that is new is in sympathetic comformity with the both the original cottage and its picturesque surroundings.

"Moongate is stylish, international, and run with exacting attention to detail" Country Illustrated